MaxMantis is a Swiss jazz band who contacted me to make a music video for one of their songs.

They had already thought a lot about the world they wanted to see and supplied me with a very detailed pitch. They trusted me to create the visuals and take any creative decisions that I found best.

I had a clear image of what I wanted to see and there were very few corrections to be made on the designs. The next step was to do the storyboard and rough animatic to work out the timing. The next step was to create finished artwork for each shot. Once the illustrations were done I could simply replace the rough drawings in the animatic with the clean ones.

Once it was all delivered I thought it would be a shame to just leave the illustrations in my Aftereffects media folder. I thought seeing as the work was already done, why not create a comic book layout? It took some time and there was some reworking and reformatting to do but in the end I made a 19 page comic with what I had.